Running In the Rain.

It was raining when I prepared to go out for my morning run. For me, its great news, it meant that, in all likelihood, I would have the local park where I run to myself, which, from my perspective, is preferable.

Quite frankly I enjoy the solitude. I’m alone with my thoughts, regardless of whether they be important or mundane. The only sounds are the geese honking in the pond, the crows cawing in the trees or the frogs croaking in the wetlands. Not a bad way to spend 40-45 minutes to get your day started.

Of course, once I get to my first meeting, almost invariably, someone is going to ask me if I ran today. My response “sure, why not?”.  “Well, because it’s raining”. “So what, 5 minutes into my run I’m already wet, what does it matter if it’s from outside in or inside out?”

The response is usually no reply, upraised eyebrows or “You’re crazy”. To which my response is a smile, a nod of my head or “yes, you’re right”.

I mean, it’s summertime; you need to spend as much time outside as you can. Six months from now there could be a blizzard outside and I have to resort to the dreaded treadmill!

Roger Hollis

Air Force veteran, a veteran of 30+ years in the corporate world. Published in Medical Devices magazine. Illustrator for “1000 Ways in 1000 Days” available on Amazon. Long time runner. Author of “Running Log” also available on Amazon

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