Twix Have Released A Chocolate Spread And People Are Going Nuts For It

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sick with everyone doting over Nutella literally all of the time. Sure, it’s nice, but it’s literally a spread. Is it really worth sticking in your Tinder bio and every food page on Facebook incorporating it into their recipes? I don’t think so.

Oh hold on, I just need to take a Buzzfeed quiz on which Disney Princess I would be depending on how I like my Nutella. Ariel, apparently. Nah, don’t get me started on those guys either…

I think I just need a holiday.

Anyway, Nutella is the undisputed king of chocolate spreads (even though the little-known Cadbury’s one is really nice) and it’s about time that it had some new challengers.


Until now, all we could really rely on was the Maltesers offering which, while delicious, was just a bit too much like confectionery that you really couldn’t spread it on toast without thinking you were having a decidedly unfulfilling pudding.

But now there looks to be an alternative. Still from the chaps at Mars, mind you, but they’re dipping into a different sweet of theirs.



That’s right, Twix have branched into the chocolate spread market and it’s looking like they’re here to stay. The texture is said to be that of crunchy peanut butter, with bits of biscuit floating in the caramel-chocolate and you know, that sounds amazing.

Currently, 200g jars are only available in the UK and will set you back two English pounds; that’s a penny a gram.

Understandably, the good people of Twitter have been fair excited…

Am I supposed to spread Twix all over my toast? Or eat it with a spoon? Or add to vanilla ice cream? 

I had planned on loosing a couple of lbs before my 100 mile bike race in 2 weekends time but I’ve just discovered Twix chocolate spread 🤦‍♂️

What is slightly annoying for some, though, is that although Twix bars are nut-free, the spread is not, containing hazelnuts.

That’s a bit rubbish.

The thing is though, and I’m going to sound like a dick here, I still don’t agree with chocolate spreads in breakfast. The furthest I’ll go is a pan au chocolat…

However, Mars told Mashable:

They are best enjoyed as a tasty treat, spread over warm toast or a crumpet, dunked with a breadstick, or topped on a cake or waffle.”

Or with a spoon.


Images via Mars, Twitter, iStock

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