‘Horror show’: Vegas eyewitnesses recount chaos of Mandalay Bay shooting

Eyewitness have recounted the “horror” of the mass shooting at a music festival in Las Vegas which has left 58 people dead and 515 injured. Police have confirmed that the suspected shooter is dead.

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“It was a horror show,” Ivetta Saldana told the Las Vegas Review Journal. “People were standing around, then they hit the floor.”


Panic, chaos after gunshots heard at  music fest in Las Vegas – LIVE UPDATES: https://on.rt.com/8oqx 


“It was bad, there was multiple people hit, a lot of people shot,” a former marine who was working security at the event told Fox News.

“The area that we had for medics at the event was completely flooded with people. I myself, with other people, carried at least four or five people to the EMT area.”

The man went on to describe how people were injured in the panic that ensued.

“There was two people that I know for sure were trampled. One gentleman was shot in the top of the head, another was shot in the leg, a lady was shot in her side,” he said.

“Another lady that caught a round to the side of the head, it was an ugly scene.”


MANDALAY BAY: Shooter at large in Las Vegas, people fleeing gunshots, multiple injuries https://twitter.com/davidsakach/status/914730995147870208/video/1 http://on.rt.com/8oqu 

Photo published for Las Vegas: Police investigating reports of active shooter near Mandalay Bay Casino — RT America

Las Vegas: Police investigating reports of active shooter near Mandalay Bay Casino — RT America

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department reported on Twitter that it is investigating an active shooter in the area of the Mandalay Bay Casino. The police have asked people to stay out of the…



Another witness, speaking to ABC News, described how “chaotic” the scene was as the incident unfolded.

“It kind of sounded like some fireworks going off and then I think there was the first volley [of shots] and all of a sudden a second volley and my buddy’s like ‘I just got hit’. He got hit three times and then people started diving for the ground,” he said.

“It was pretty much chaotic, lots of people got hit. It took a while to get them out, we took them over the fence and hide under the stage for a while to be safe.

“We finally got an ambulance out on the street and got two of the guys in and basically the one guy ended up dying in my arms, then my buddy got in. I just got a message from him and he’s going to be okay.”

Eyewitness, Megan Kearney, speaking to NBC, said she also initially thought the sound was some kind of fireworks:

“We heard what sounded like firecrackers going off. Then I heard it again, it was sort of quiet and then I heard what sounded like a machine gun and people just started screaming that they were hit and to get down and then about 20 seconds after that we heard a round of machine guns and people were just dropping.”

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