25 Smiling Cats Is All You’re Going To Need Today

Smiling Cats

A smiling cat is something you can’t unsee! It stays with you forever. From the arrogant smirk to the happy, bright-eyed, cute smile, you will always remember your cat’s smile, no matter what. Cats are quite mysterious themselves and act like queens and kings, but when they smile, they do it honestly. They smile because they are comfy, because you gave them good belly rubs or because you played with them or because… you know, various reasons.

Their angry smirks are also cute and funny. They are incredible beings to have around your house and we prepared for you 86 pictures of funny smiling cats to make your day better! Enjoy!

1. Yoga! Me happy when doing yoga!

smiling cats

2. Selfieeee! Not really a smiling cat, but still counts

smiling cats

3. I’m snoring? I don’t care! I am happy, therefore I snore.

smiling cats 2

4. It feels so good!

smiling cats 3

5. Hahahaha! You don’t want to go in the bathroom!

smiling pets 4

6. Heey, hooman! You’re a nice person!

smiling pets 5

7. Good night! Most adorable smiling cat picture ever

smiling pets 6

8. Flowers! I am the flower girl and you shall pay me some respect! I was born out of a flower

smiling pets 7

9. Sweet, smiley dreams! This could be my favorite picture on the smiling cats list

smiling pets 8

10. They call me smiley face!

smiling cat 9

11. I’m happy when I sleep

smiling cat 10

12. Heey! You said there was gonna’ be a lot of fun! Where is the fun?

smiling cat 11

13. Another rub, please!

smiling cat 12

14. Like my teeth? I’ve just had them whitened.

smiling cat 13

15. I am not in the mood for photos, mom!

smiling kittens 14

16. Get that light out of my face!

smiling kittens 15

17. Can I get another one? Can I? Can I?

smiling kittens 16

18. There is no such thing as too much sleep

smiling kittens 17

19. I’m exhausted! You hoomans are exhausting, but fun to be around!

smiling kittens 18

20. I find a soft spot, I sleep!

happy cats 19

21. Please, let me sleep! Please! Please! I need my beauty sleep!

happy cats 20

22. Pure joy!

happy cats 21

23. Hooman! Hooman, play with me! You know you can’t resist me!

happy cats 22

24. Give me my toy back! Look at those teeth

happy cats 23

25. Where is your homework? I…. don’t know! I have no idea! I swear

smiling animals 24

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